A2Z Adventures: Portugal Port Wine Country 8-Day Bike Tour

About this Tour or Guided Experience

Get to know all about Portugal’s unique Port Wine while cycling in the historic Douro region of Portugal, the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. During the week, you will sample many different kinds of Port Wine, visit the old cellars in Porto, and discover some of the 12th century historical villages of Portugal. Another highlight of this trip is the boat ride on the Douro River, in which you navigate close to the river terraces covered with vineyards. And when it comes to lodging, we have some very special treats for you!


Day 1: Porto | Pinhão

Meet at the airport in Porto and transfer to Pinhão. After a light lunch you will explore the Douro River on a small boat from which you will enjoy close-up views of the Port wine vineyards on terraces along the river’s shores. Back in Pinhão you can go for a short warm-up ride or just relax in the outdoor pool. Quinta Nova produces high quality table wines and has a wine shop.

Lodging: Quinta Nova (Pinhão)

Day 2: Pocinho | Marialva (48 kilometers (30 miles))

Before you start cycling you will take a short trip by train to the village of Pocinho using an old railway that follows the Douro River in all its beauty. On the way to Marialva – one of Portugal´s historical villages – you will stop for lunch in Quinta da Erva Moira and visit their Port Wine museum. Your inn has a small SPA and a beautiful outdoor swimming pool overlooking Marialva´s castle.

Lodging: Casas do Coro

Day 3: Marialva | Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo (55 kilometers  (34 miles))

Today you will go to two historical villages: Marialva and Castelo Rodrigo. These two medieval villages will take you back in time, to when the brave their inhabitants fought against the Spanish invaders.

Lodging: Casa da Cisterna

Day 4: Castelo Rodrigo | Barca de Alva (33 kilometers (21 miles))

Enjoy great views of Port Wine vineyards along the bicycle route that takes you to Barca de Alva. In Barca de Alva you will go for a kayak ride in the Douro River and have lunch on shore. If you don’t feel like cycling you can stay home or go for a donkey ride.

Lodging: Casa da Cisterna

Day 5: Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo | Almeida (79 kilometers (49 miles))
A quite challenging day of cycling on the way to get to another historical village: Almeida. This village is one of the crown jewels of Portuguese military architecture, the hexagonal shaped walls of Almeida’s fortress were built in the 17th century.

Lodging: Pousada de Almeida

Day 6: Almeida | Trancoso (62 kilometers (38 miles))

Today you will have another intense day of cycling on the way to your final destination: the town of Trancoso. Expect some serious climbing but also breathtaking views. The old part of Trancoso, which is inside the majestic city walls, is definitely worth a visit.

Lodging: Hotel Turismo de Trancoso

Day 7: TRancoso | Porto
Early morning transfer to Porto. In Porto you will visit a Port Wine cellar, where you can taste some of Portugal´s best Port wines. The rest of the afternoon you will spend exploring this exciting and unique city. The second largest city in Portugal. Your hotel is located near the Praça da Ribeira, heart of the historical center of Porto. It is within a block of town houses dating back to the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. This beautiful group of buildings was classified by UNESCO as part of the World Heritage site which extends along the Douro River.

Lodging: Hotel da Bolsa

Day 8: Departure

Transfer to the airport in Porto in the morning.

Seasons Available

Open: year-round, starting on Sunday.

Fees (if any)

From 1370€ (Self-guided), which includes: 7 accommodations w/ breakfast, mobile phone with 24hrs help line, boat ride on Douro River, airport transfers in program days, luggage transfers, maps and documentation, GPS device, GPS tracks, insurance, A2Z Adventures t-shirt, and water bottle.

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