Casa do Paço (House-Museum of Casa do Paço)

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A Casa do Paço de Dalvares was one created at the beginning of the monarchy. In Inquiries of Afonso III and studied by Almeida Fernandes, appears as the designated Honor or Adalvares Alvares.
Adalvares, Alvares, Dalvares, was a fifth, an honor that kept their old privileges over the centuries.
A “fifth” or Palace, was the whole agro-economic base that formed the nucleus is the home or abode of the lord, noble, with two floors, with stone stairs and several dependencies, closed in on itself, in this case in the form of square, the center of which stood a yard; around a vast area of land that constitutes the “reserves” of the master, usually an enclosed property, bounded by walls.

This is an area of direct administration of the Lord, exploited by their domestic servants, laborers later on, which gets you all of what is produced. The remainder of the goods of this agro-economic group, which can extend for more or less distant land, will be divided into plots that will be delivered to the farm families, by signing a long lease.
You maintain full ownership of the property, and the enjoyment of this is for the tenant, or foreiro emprazador, which has to pay rent to the owner or master. These contracts were different, depending on the agreement: subpoenas for a living, lives two or three lives.

The documents consulted from the sixteenth century, reflect the maintenance of an agro-economic structure of this type that holds up to 60 years of XX century, the possession of all properties in the hands of a noble family, who by their status ” honor “that owns the land, a land of absolute prime.
It is, therefore, an honorable ground, making it immune to legal and fiscal terms, and whose existence was confirmed by the common law. Even today it remains a betrayal of those who enter through the arch which gave access to the house of the palace and went through a rock where there is a brand, like a footprint engraved in stone, was free whatever the crime.

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