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Pinhão Railway Station, Pinhão

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Estação de Caminhos-de-ferro do Pinhão
Estação de Caminhos-de-ferro do Pinhão
Estação de Caminhos-de-ferro do Pinhão
Relógio antigo da estação
Pormenor da estação
Comboio Histórico da Linha do Douro na estação do Pinhão
About this Place

Pinhão Railway Station is a beautiful train station along the Douro Line, one of the most iconic rail journeys in Portugal. The station is a major tourist destination in the Alto Douro Wine Region. The first train arrived at the Pinhão Railway Station on 1 June, 1880, and for nearly one hundred years the station served as the primary transport site of people and goods into and out of the Douro Region. It was particularly important in the production process of the Douro Valley's Port wine.

Located at kilometer 118 (mile 73) of the Douro Line, Pinhão Railway Station is an important site of the Alto Douro Wine Tour. The station's main building is revered for its twenty-five tile panels that depict scenes, landscapes, and customs of the Douro Region. The panels offer visitors an excellent visual representation of Douro culture, livelihoods, and history. The panels, all in shades of blue, were created by J. Oliveira and ordered from the factory Hallelujah Aveiro in 1937.

Pinhão Railway Station is currently undergoing a station enhancement project, under direction of the architect Arnaldo Barbosa. Barbosa has headed several rehabilitation projects within the Douro Region, including the Hotel Rural Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo.

For More Information, Contact:

Estação de Caminhos de Ferro do Pinhão

Rua António Manuel Saraiva, Nº14, Pinhão, 17 5085-037
+351 254 731 878 · fax +351 254 731 833
CP - Comboios de Portugal

+351 808 208 208 / +351 707 201 280

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Latitude: 41.190455000
Longitude: -7.545317000
Elevation: 287 FT (87 M)
Meet the Contributor:
Celeste Pereira
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