Igreja do Desterro (Church of Exile)

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This Church situated in Lamego at the beginning of Cardoso Avelino Street, was founded in 1640, the Bailiff of Leca, D. Fray Luis de Tavora.
On its facade, stand out two columns of granite with Corinthian capitals over the crest of the founder.
Inside glaring century paintings. XVIII (by master carvers lamecenses Manuel Martins, Manuel de Gouveia and Manuel Machado) which depict episodes from the New Testament. These paintings are beautifully framed by a gilded worked.
In the arc of access to the altar, on top, there is another altar, bow down, we find two more sides exposed to various saints. This church also has three large screens in a side wall.

Hours and Seasons Open
Temporarily closed for refurbishment

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Diocese de Lamego

Rua das Cortes, 2,
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